WAFA meetings are open dialog. We are currently meeting at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant each month.

WAFA members are a diverse group.  You can expect the conversation to be diverse in subjects.  Many of our members are technicians, scientists, and computer programmers.

In addition, there are non-theistic religionists (Buddhists, Taoists, etc.) whose members would feel comfortable at a Freethought meeting. There are also some theistic individuals that have felt comfortable at Freethought meetings, such as Deists and Pantheists. 

Members of mainstream religions, particularly Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, and Bible Literalists may not feel comfortable at WAFA meetings.

We provide regular communications to members of upcoming events through the WAFA Meetup web site.  We encourage everyone to sign up.
We also publish events through our Twitter Feed, and on the "What's Happening" section on this web site.

Mellow Mushroom of Tuscaloosa

2230 University Boulevard
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401-1542
(205) 758-0112

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